Finding a Sign Language Interpreter

In the State of Illinois, a sign language interpreter must be registered and certified to accept any interpreting assignment.  The rules and regulations for sign language interpreters is controlled by the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission (IDHHC).

It is important to know what the levels in certifications are and what level of a certified sign language interpreter that you will need to get.  Below is a link to the brochure from IDHHC that explains and color-codes the levels and gives examples for you to determine what level of interpreter you will need.


What Level of Interpreter is Needed?

IDHHC Interpreter Brochure

Keep in mind, once you find the level of interpreter required, you can hire someone at that level or higher, but you are not allowed to hire an interpreter at a lower level than required.

After you have found the level of interpreter you can use, use the link below to obtain contact information for sign language interpreters.  The link will take you to an outline of the State of Illinois.  Click on the region you are in to get a list of interpreters.  The list(s) are in order of color-coded license levels.


Find a Sign Language Interpreter

IDHHC Interpreter Directory

Ultimately, you would like to find someone in your region to be the most cost-efficient.  However, if there are no interpreters available in your region, try a nearby region and contact others; keep in mind, the cost could increase due the cost of travel (mileage).

Once you have hired an interpreter, you can ask the interpreter to show you their license.  If the interpreter has not complied with licensing requirements or you are not satisfied with their service, you may also file a complaint with IDHHC.