Connect Transit Needs Our Help

The ridership of Connect Transit is threatened due to the withholding of critical funds by the state of Illinois. Therefore, the following Action Alert link is available through Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit (CEFT), a local advocacy committee. Please, go to the link and follow the steps to join many others who are requesting that the needed funds be released.

It is important for all of the citizens of Bloomington and Normal to work together regarding the Connect Transit crises. The delay of state funding that could stop service of Connect Transit will not only affect those who depend on the system for transportation, it will affect all of the citizens within the twin cities. According to research by CEFT a large percentage of employees, consumers and students use the system. There are those who are employed at OSF and Bromenn Hospitals and doctor and dental offices throughout the twin cities. Some are employed at the University, colleges, schools and libraries in both cities. Many are employed at Eastland and College Hills Malls. There are those who are employed at both Walmarts, Meijer and other local merchants. Also, many are employed at the grocery stores throughout Bloomington and Normal. Not only are the jobs of those directly employed at Connect Transit threatened but so are the jobs of many others. All citizens of the twin cities who depend on the services of the employees aforementioned will seriously be affected. Let your voice be heard!



The advocacy scene is ever-changing, new advocacy issues pop up each and every day.  Listed in this section are advocacy issues LIFE CIL views as important to individuals with disabilities and their families and friends.


Advocacy Issues


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